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Top 5 Travel Tips + Mini Photo Album of My Trip to Spain

Hola & Happy Summer Everyone! I was inspired by my recent trip to Spain to share my top travel tips. These 5 tips are simple actions that have allowed me to experience travel in a more authentic, enjoyable, and relaxed way. Tip #1: Rent an apartment or a house and... read more

How To Go With Your Flow

Hey there, This week we’re going to talk about going with the flow: your menstrual flow. If you are like me, you have probably experienced the full spectrum of flows, ranging from minor discomfort to hellishly disruptive. As in, “Didn’t I just change my tampon/pad?... read more

7 Minute Standing Poses Flow

Hello All, I have another 7 minute flow for you. This week we’re focusing on standing poses. I love standing poses; they make me feel Fierce. Go ahead and add a finger snap if you wish, that’s the kind of fierce I’m talking about. One of the cool things about yoga is... read more

7 Minute Yoga Flow

  Spring is here and my body is telling me it’s time to move! Got 7 minutes? Get on your mat and loosen up. A couple of tips when practicing these sun salutations: 1. Bend your knees. It’s absolutely ok to keep your knees bent during a forward bend.... read more

Deleting Distraction

The past couple of weeks have been quite the learning experience. In my efforts to get organized, be more productive, and regain my sanity, I’ve had to honestly look at what distracts me the most. What are the things that scream “Me, me me! Read me! Look at me! Click... read more

Damn you iPhone (and other hand held devices)

When I was in my early twenties, I would get excited upon walking into my apartment and seeing the red flashing light on my answering machine. Who could it be? At the time, I didn’t have a cell phone and frankly, I didn’t want one. Why would I want a buzzing phone in... read more

Finding Comfort in Discomfort

I’ve been thinking a lot about discomfort lately, or rather avoidance of discomfort. As in, how often do we engage with that which makes us feel discomfort? Or how often do we run from discomfort and towards a comforting cookie, glass of wine, or gossip magazine?... read more

Welcome to my site!

Hi there! Welcome to my site! I’m Grace Milagros Pérez. I’m a yoga teacher, wellness enthusiast, and a darn good home cook. I desire to lead a healthy happy life and I want you to have the same. I have simple needs. I want to create a yoga practice that helps me... read more

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