Hi there! I’m Grace Milagros Pérez. I’m a yoga teacher and wellness enthusiast. I desire to lead a healthy happy life and I want you to have the same.

I have simple needs.

I want to create a yoga practice that helps me cultivate peace, joy, love, and compassion.

I want to move with ease.

I want to build strength and flexibility (in body and mind).

I want to consume a delicious diet that nourishes me and the planet.

Easy peasy, right? Unfortunately, taking good care of ourselves has become so complicated. Is anyone else confused and frustrated by the health & wellness information that is out there? I sure am!

For me, vibrant health is the result of cumulative mindful actions. The choices we make every day impact our health. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to just make better choices! But, I do want to look at how we make choices. As a yogi, I have made a commitment to self inquiry. I use my yoga practice, on the mat and meditation cushion, as a way of understanding how I approach my life. I am keen to exploring such topics as:

  • How can I identify my habits and choose differently?
  • Am I reacting all day? Or am I making choices that align with my values?
  • Do I choose foods/thoughts/ relationships that make me feel dull or vibrant?
  • Does my resistance to certain yoga poses show up in other areas of my life?
  • Should I do more push ups? stand on my head? drink more green smoothies?

Wait, green smoothies. What does that have to do with yoga?

Good question! The answer is, it’s all related. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” It takes courage to look at ourselves and ask, How do I approach “anything”?

Tough stuff, I know. However, I am up for the challenge if you are. Join me over at the blog and we’ll unpack this “stuff’ together!

Also, follow me on YouTube  to practice with me in your own living room. Have any questions or video requests? Connect with me on Facebook or contact me here.

Peace & Love,




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