The past couple of weeks have been quite the learning experience. In my efforts to get organized, be more productive, and regain my sanity, I’ve had to honestly look at what distracts me the most. What are the things that scream “Me, me me! Read me! Look at me! Click here!”?

As you know, I have admitted my strange attraction to my phone. And the funny thing is, I rarely talk on the phone! Text, email, Google chat, FB, and Youtube. That’s about it. I actually have very few apps on my iPhone. But man is that touch screen tempting. I find myself taking a break from my computer by playing with my phone. That is just plain stupid. Really f’ing stupid.

I’ve also noticed that open tabs on my computer screen are just as tempting as the apps on my phone. They have the same “look at me!” effect.

To eliminate distractions and get more done, my phone is no longer on my desk while I’m working. Out of sight, out of mind. All Notifications are off. And I have deleted the Facebook messenger app.

When I’m on my computer, I will not leave Chrome open! I’ll say that again, I will not leave Chrome open! This can get a little tricky because sometimes “the work” is online. I’m tweaking my site or doing research or using online editing tools, for example.  So it would be dishonest to say that I won’t go online during my morning do not disturb hours. But damn it, I can close it when I’m done. Yes, I can and I will!

One last thing I’ve found useful is to download Google Drive onto my computer. This way I can create/edit/share files without being tempted by email.

What distraction(s) can you remove from your daily life to get more done? Let me know in the comments below.

Peace and Love,


P.S. This is day 4 of the 15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge. Join us.

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