Take a look at some of my lovely students’ testimonials:

I find that Grace has a balanced approach to teaching. She is encouraging and focused. She is attentive to all, and takes every opportunity to educate students about poses, breathing, etc.  She leaves space for individuals to adjust to the needs of their bodies. Grace responds to students with respect and sensitivity, allowing for a harmonious atmosphere in class.  Her poses are beautiful. She is a gifted teacher.

Robyn Vaccara

ESL Teacher, New York University

I am stronger and more flexible. I am able to follow multiple tasks and follow directions better. I believe my breathing is better. I am certainly thinner and feel more confident.

R. Lehrman

Brooklyn, New York

I was having trouble relaxing and sleeping. Grace convinced me of 2 things. 1. She would show me techniques that would help me and 2. that it wouldn’t hurt. She was right. I learned gentle stretching and breathing from Grace in in-home sessions, that even my cat got involved in. Grace is the best. She believes in her craft and you will believe in your ability after a session with her.

T.D. Adams

New York, New York

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